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The World is coming into a new age, an age of discovery and enlightenment, of new thinking. We need to come together as one and Be Kind to ourselves, Be Kind to ALL others, and Be Kind to our Mother Earth, these are the Three Commitments to Kindness.  This is the philosophy of the Be Fantastic community, a community of over 8600 Kind souls in 137 countries.  Below is the list Ambassadors of Kindness. It’s free to join our community and become an Ambassador of Kindness, there is strength in numbers. Just Be Kind. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will get better, it will not” Dr. Seuss

L. Monte Cook III
Dr. Fantastic

Be Fantastic International

3 Commitments to Kindness

Be KIND to yourself

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Be KIND to all others and the creatures

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Be KIND to our Mother Earth

BFI Introduction from Egypt

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The Be Fantastic Movement

Will Change Your Life And The World

The World needs your help.

If you haven’t yet become an Ambassador of Kindness in the Be Fantastic community, consider this your invitation to join over 8,200 kind souls from 133 countries around the world. These individuals are committed to the Three Commitments to Kindness, a framework that addresses various challenges we face. If you’re already an Ambassador of Kindness, please help spread this invitation because the world needs more people like you.

The Three Commitments to Kindness in order of importance, are as follows:

  1. Be Kind to yourself.
  2. Be Kind to ALL others and the creatures.
  3. Be Kind to our Mother Earth.

Joining our community is entirely free. We have WhatsApp groups spanning the globe, where members receive a daily dose of motivation or inspiration from historical figures. We strictly focus on kindness and do not engage in business, religious or political discussions. We do not carry on personal chats in groups, we ask you take them private. We do have chat groups like Business is

Fantastic for  networking,  Meet and Greet for socializing with Ambassadors from around the world, All God’s are Great for sharing religious beliefs and others.

Be Fantastic International is a non-profit 501(c)(3){applied} organization with numerous programs aimed at improving mental health, fostering unity through kindness, and promoting sustainability.

To become a part of our community, simply text your first name and city to +502 5531 8892. You will be placed in an existing group or, if necessary, we’ll create one for you.

Check out our list of Ambassadors! If you see a hyperlink to a website or social media on a profile it means that Ambassador is offering a discount to all Ambassadors. If you want to increase your business and offer a discount email drfantastic@befantastictoday.com with info